Welcome to Inspira Crea, a center for global health

Treatments and relaxation

Less than 10 minutes away from downtown Montreal, on Sherbrooke street West, Inspira Crea Center offers a choice of high quality alternative and complementary therapies as well as diverse psychotherapeutic approaches

Within the walls of a vast and magnificent Victorian house, Inspira Crea can help an individual begin a comprehensive process for a physical or psychological ailment with the support of a multidisciplinary team of certified professionals and therapists.

Unique to Montreal, Inspira Crea combines the qualities of a health care and relaxation center with a range of experienced therapeutic resources.

Exceptional environment

Inspira Crea Center is an exceptional environment conducive to resourcing and learning. Our clientele can benefit from one of our specialized massages, a steam shower or infrared sauna, and take part in one of many workshops and classes to help them live a richer and healthier life.

We want to assist individuals in shaping their lives, guiding them toward greater well-being and health!

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