Global health at Inspira Crea

At Inspira Crea Center, where we are oriented toward the latest developments in health care, we recognize that the well-being of an individual is influenced by multiple factors, including physical, psycho-social, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual. That is why we offer global health care by way of alternative medicine and different psychotherapeutic techniques for the prevention, treatment, or supportive care of many health problems.

A complete response to numerous health problems

To consider all these dimensions of the individual in the administration of health care is the only way to provide a complete response to the treatment of many health problems, while emphasizing human contact and empathy. Our health professionals are dedicated to satisfying the patient’s needs and, where appropriate, will steer the individual towards tools and approaches complementary to their specialty. Our services can either be a complement to a biomedical procedure or a recognized alternative approach to conventional treatments by means of well-known tools like acupuncture, naturopathy, psychotherapy or osteopathy.

Healing and treating with alternative therapies

The therapeutic approaches that we propose efficiently treat a number of health problems and in their own way address the causes and predispositions that lead to illness. Consequently, our attention is directed at an individual’s predispositions, emotions, values, strengths, and weaknesses, instead of treating symptoms alone. 

According to Dr. Christophe André: “Natural medicine can often be more effective in the treatment of diseases, chronic illnesses, and disorders of a psychosomatic nature, the relationship with the patient being much less clinical and much more personal. It provides care as well as treatment to the patient, the whole person being considered instead of just the specific condition.” *

Efficient tools for chronic illness

The global health approach is now present in scientific research and respected by more and more health professionals who recognize its value. In fact, alternative medicine is appropriate in the treatment of numerous chronic health problems as a complement to the conventional medical approach. These alternatives can effectively address the damage caused by stress and unhealthy habits, regulate major

Inspira Crea offers a safe and professional solution to your health problems and concerns.

Exclusive offer: global health evaluation

* Translated quote from: André, Christophe. “La traversée des cycles.” Vivre autrement. Société Radio-Canada & Bayard. 2008.

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