At Inspira Crea, we have created an exclusive global health evaluation service that allows us to analyze the patient’s state of health, lifestyles habits, needs, and priorities. Together with the patient we can then define an efficient strategy that takes into account medical history and past treatments, as well as preferences, schedule, and financial means. It should be noted that this service cannot replace a complete medical examination.


For the prevention and treatment of chronic health problems, InspiraCrea’s therapeutic team has adopted an interdisciplinary approach based on reliable results to help the individual return to their normal activities as soon as possible. We believe that only interdisciplinary collaboration can incorporate all fields of intervention associated with the care of chronic health problems, whether they be treatment, prevention or rehabilitation.
It should be noted that the therapeutic collaboration we offer requires consent. We have a privacy and confidentiality policy that strictly governs all our interventions. Furthermore, we never hesitate to refer the patient to a doctor for additional evaluations or broader biomedical care.


Our interdisciplinary approach requires coordination in order to ensure the appropriateness of each therapy. A health professional first meets the patient to help determine the objectives, and refers them to the caregiver best suited to treat the health problem. At each stage the therapeutic process is evaluated in collaboration with the patient to confirm the chosen strategies, study the results, and ensure the patient’s satisfaction. Professional collaboration and therapeutic coordination can help avoid many obstacles during the treatment process, and can give the patient access to the best alternative therapies.

Our approach allows each individual to rebuild their life on solid foundations. Such is our commitment to you!

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