Illness prevention and health promotion: Inspira Crea’s offer to corporations

Inspira Crea’s services for corporations are twofold: illness prevention and health promotion in the workplace, and complementary treatment of chronic illnesses by alternative medicine and psychotherapeutic approaches.

Our team offers efficient and practical solutions to maintain an individual’s health and well-being, and promote sustainable growth of the corporation. Classes and workshops on natural means of prevention against chronic illness and burnout are offered to employees, tailored according to a corporation’s specific needs.

Individualized therapeutic guidance

For personalized care and treatment, we have created the Inspira Crea global health evaluation that allows us to offer the best therapeutic alternatives adapted to the specific conditions and needs of each employee. Our therapeutic care is based on professional interdisciplinarity in order to ensure high quality intervention that takes into account all aspects of a health problem. It should be noted that this service cannot replace a complete medical examination.

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